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Officially launched at the IIJS 2014 show in Mumbai, ZLab3d is south India's first dealer of affordable light-curing resins for 3D printing from B9Creations in the US. In August, ZLab3d became one of only 12 worldwide distributors of the B9Creator printer as well. ZLab3d is part of a 5-year partnership serving the Indian jewellery manufacturing industry with the equipment, tools, and knowledge to produce worldclass jewellery. Specializing in platinum consulting, clients have included India's largest and best-known jewellery manufacturers as well as individual designers, teaching institutions, Platinum Guild International, and others. With experience at top luxury brands in locations worldwide, consulting services in achieving highest possible quality is also a specialty. "When we saw that B9Creator produces fully castable output quality challenging big-name SLA machines at a fraction of the price, we knew we could happily recommend B9Creator to our clients", said Kathrin Schoenke, President. National Sales Manager Nagesh Boraiah says "people tell us B9Creator output is almost indistinguishable from service bureau output of very expensive machines. They are also impressed that we can save them money and maintain quality in resins and other SLA consumables".

ZLab3d's internet presence includes its own site, a growing Vimeo video channel, and 3DHubs.com:


Zlab3d is bringing the best mix of affordability and quality to India’s jewellery makers. Accustomed to expensive foreign machinery with sky-high ongoing costs, manufacturers smart in computer aided design (CAD) as part of their process, will appreciate the resolution capability, affordability, and free software provided in the B9 Creator digital light processing (DLP) stereolithography (SLA) printing system. With complete burn-out photopolymer resins, resolutions of 25.4 microns in z axis and 50 microns xy are routinely used to make very high quality cast pieces with the v1.1 printer. In release now is the v1.2 printer, capable of 30 microns xy and even finer z resolutions but many jewellery makers find that even the 31.75 micron setting is a great balance of printing time and fine quality.

B9Creator uses free software in Windows, Mac, and Linux, to create layouts, add supports, and run the printer. Many improvements are being incorporated into the newest version of the software. Mike Joyce, inventor of the B9Creator system, is an active participant in the online Forum where users daily share their experiences and learn from others. Inputs from the forums has been important in the improvements of the latest hardware and software. Consumables for the system include photopolymer resins at the best per-kg price point in the market and vat coatings. ZLab3d easily provides those to customers in India. Additional vats and build tables to custom, compatible, specifications are also available through ZLab3d, which is becoming the leader in providing this affordable solution to in-house rapid prototyping (RPT). ZLab3d has B9Creations photopolymer resins in stock for users of B9Creator (or other DLP printers) in India, and is one of only 12 worldwide B9Creator printer distributors.


In the lead up to the IGJME Show in Surat end of November, much interest is being focused on in-house 3D printing for manufacturers. Whether testing ideas, producing masters, or patterns for direct casting, B9Creator from the USA is enabling Indian jewellers to keep their designs on premises and avoid delays and damages in transport. ZLab3d is India's first B9Creations resin dealer, and one of only 12 worldwide printer distributors. Recent patent expirations have allowed a flood of worldwide creativity and business ideas in the Rapid Prototyping (RPT) arena. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this to take control of their printing and save scarce resources by investigating solutions like B9Creator. A new concept for Indian jewellery manufacturers, B9Creator is a Do It Yourself (DIY) style machine. You own it, you assemble it and modify it the way you want: tailor it to your needs, change the software code, create your own upgrades. The software to layout, slice, and print is free and open-source. Investigate it before buying a printer! Support is free, too, via 24/7 worldwide online Forum. Learn by reading, learn by participating in Topic conversations, share your successes, compliment others. The two resins offered for use with B9Creator are Red for resolutions thicker than 50μm z, and Cherry for 50μm and thinner. Jewellers worldwide are finding that 30μm xy and z axes produces a good balance of quality and printing time. The B9Creator can slice as thin as 5μm, but so thin is not necessary for most jewellery work. Users can mix these, use these in other Stereolithography (SLA) printers or use other resins in B9Creator.

B9Creator is producing output for jewellers already at ZLab3d, and undergoing initial trials in jewellery manufacturing.


Lots of initials accompany digital progress, it seems!

Launched in India by ZLab3d, the B9Creator is the affordable:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Rapid Prototyping (RPT) machine for
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing output ("CAMs")

B9Creator's new approach to machinery empowers Indian jewellery makers to assemble and modify the printer to their needs, there's no need to check with the manufacturer about trying new ideas. Users learn the B9Creator from fellow users on the free worldwide support Forum. Answers come from fellow users who have experienced what you're asking about, instead of a big corporation's support 'specialist' reading or copy/pasting from a manual. B9Creator software is free and the hardware is documented so users can make their own improvements. The DLP projector in B9Creator is High Definition (HD), 1920x1080 pixel resolution, allowing xy resolution in projected slices as fine as 30μm. It is moveable vertically for varying build space sizes and xy resolutions. Prints of standing-up-rings at the 30μm xy resolution can complete at default settings in only a few hours, cured, and used right away. Common bench tools and surface treatments can also be used with B9Creator prints.

SLA technology is the go-to system for fine definition work like jewellery. Professional jewellers and hobbyists alike share photos and techniques in the online Forum. Installing an RPT machine in your factory allows you faster response, without the risk of putting your digital works through the Internet, or the delays and risks of waiting for courier shipments. Make the design, lay it out, slice, print! Results within hours instead of days. The prints, or "CAMs", made in B9Creations Red or Cherry, can be put on a casting tree and direct-cast using materials and procedures specific to resins. Many techniques and materials are shared on the free Forum. Additionally, retailers can benefit from same-day customization and customer approvals. Make the desired design or modifications with the customer in the morning, have prints ready for their review post-lunch.

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