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The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council’s Gem Testing Laboratory (GTL) at Jaipur showed a 40% growth in its performance in April – September 2014 compared to 15% growth in the same period last year.

Being founded under the aegis of the Council (GJEPC), GTL has scored over their performance last year on account of constant upgrading of technology and a quick turnaround time to deliver results. This substantial increase in growth in the last two years would further encourage GTL, Jaipur to install and upgrade new technology in the future as available, and offer the best services to the industry. Moreover, GTL has earned the trust of its customers by providing the testing results in simple parlance, marked difference in the fees that are charged by their Indian counterparts and international players.

“We are proud of GTL’s impeccable performance and services offered to Indian and International markets alike. It is indeed due to GTL’s constant endeavour to keep itself abreast of quality and technological norms prevailing in the industry that the laboratory has reached pinnacle of success. With such superior quality, indigenously, it is a matter of great pride for the GJEPC and its allied companies to be the torchbearer internationally and in India and take the flag of Indian superiority to higher echelons of current and long-time success,” said Mr. Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC.

Jewellery Manufacturers and Retailers preferred to avail Gem stone testing services from international labs in India. GTL‘s competitive pricing as against its International counterparts with the same quality result in the business of testing has accelerated growth in their business in the last two financial years. GTL attracts gem dealers and foreign tourists in high numbers who vouch for the unique turnaround time, competitive pricing and quality services.

The Certification charges by GTL are less than 10% of the charges by Gemological Institute of America and less than half of Gemological Institute of India, Mumbai.

GTL constantly upgrades its technology with the latest machinery and models that are procured and used in undertaking testing requirements for manufacturers and consumers. Some of the equipment at lab comprise of Laser Raman Spectrometer, FTIR Microscope, UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer, Diamond View, Cut Scanner for Diamond, amongst others.

Another feature that attracts clients to GTL are the testing reports issued by GTL, with the adequate disclosures and transparent codes. Also the turnaround time of testing conducted at GTL is a maximum of two working days as against other labs which take up to a minimum of a week or a month to issue results for the same test conducted. GTL can manage a load of giving results to batches of 50-55 stones in a span of 2 days and also has the facility to issue test results on an urgent basis in a span of two hours.

GTL is not only advanced in its testing equipment, turnaround time and scrupulous procedures but also takes the lead in being involved in research and presenting their research reports and findings in well-known and well-read international journals thereby taking the onus of educating customers, traders and gemologists alike. The customers and associates are being regularly alerted by the new developments or new challenges through a quarterly circular known as "Lab Information Circular”.

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