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Technology and Machine tool sector for the gem and jewellery industry is in its most aggressive state. Inventions and innovations are leading the tech sector and its members to new found success. Research and Development is at its peak as technologically advanced economies such as Germany, Italy, US, Israel etc are putting in large investments in R&D so much so that all these and more are a new blessing to the global gems and jewellery sector.

Developing economies are equipping themselves to lead the manufacturing segment pertaining to the jewellery sector. Billions of dollars worth of orders are being catered to by large manufacturing hubs be it in India, China, or any other. Large tech and machine tool companies are looking at vying the manufacturing hubs by introducing new products, offers on services etc. In all these the dealer / distributor sector is also becoming active playing the role of a critical supply channel.

In this issue of JTM, Jewellery Technology & Machinery, the JTM bureau has compiled a special report on "TOP 100 Most Valuable Companies" who are globally acclaimed for the state of the art products and services that they manufacture or distribute. This issue is truly a high reference edition and is destined to break the communication barrier concerning the Technology & Machinery sector. On behalf of the entire JTM team I thank all the participants of "TOP 100 Most Valuable companies" to have participated in this special edition and established their role as a valuable Leader in the Tech and Machine Tool sector.

Here's wishing all our readers a fruitful business year ahead.

A Subramanian

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