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INVIMEC Rolling Forming Machines
Wire Tandem Rolling Mills for industry and jewelry
For over 60 years, the company has been working alongside the jewelry industry, offering a full and    more
N Jewellery Techniques Pvt.Ltd.
High precision manual welding system
Smart Spot technology for a repeatable welding process:
Great depth of field and stable laser shot starting from the first    more
Angel Laser Instrument
Angel Laser Instrument – A pioneer in the world of Laser system since 2008, proudly presents its latest laser machines for various applications. Since the day of its establishment, Angel Laser Instrument has been   more
Axis Tool Tech
Axis Tool Tech was founded by shri Chimanbhai Chothani in year 1990, It was initially named Sri Laxmi Tools and was renamed in year 2 015 to Axis Tool Tech by Mr. Chimanbhai Chothani And Mr. Hardik Ramani. Axis Tool Tech offers CNC machinery, higher precision diamond tools,    more
FISCHER Offers More Than 50 Years of Knowledge, Competency & Experience that Its Customers Can Rely On
Buying and selling physical gold and other precious metals always carries risk. There is a possibility that the gold does not consist of right purity or it contains other prohibited   more
Gold Side Production Specialists in Jewellery Making Machinery & Equipments
Gold side production is an India based leading manufacturer and exporter of jewellery making machinery & equipments since 1992. The brand name of the company is "LION GOLD SMITH". The founder Mr. Dineshbhai    more
SLTL GROUP'S - Breakthrough Innovations Transforming Gems & Jewellery Industry
Dr. Patel, then 30, is a scientist by profession and previously worked with ISRO for many well-known projects. It was until then when he decided to make his own way to    more
Kaizer - Breaking Grounds in 3D Printing Technology
Established by Pramesh Choksi, Kaizer 3D has been servicing the Indian Jewellery sector with state-of-the-art technological products that have been instrumental in transforming    more
3D Printing Technology - Sarto Electro Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
The Jewellery industry since the year 2000 been transformed by the implementation of CAD/CAM and the proliferation of 3D printers - especially new high-speed continuous 3D   more
Jalpa Jewellery Impex
Jalpa Jewellery Impex based in Ahmedabad - (Guj), has been leading name for over 21 years in trading of Jewellery Making Machine, Consumables and Tools for Jewellery Industries. JJI has been providing quality product and incomparable    more
One Stop Solution For Jewellery Manufacturing
Millenia Technologies represents a wide range of European brands in India. We provide machines in the industries like Jewellery, Industry, Fashion Jewellery and many more. We aim at providing world class Technologies & best services in India. Millenia is a dynamic organisation with strong Leadership & Dedication team of professionals.   more
Deconstructing the Next Great Jewellery-Consuming Generation
In this report I wish to reiterate how absolutely critical it is that all of us understand Generation Z and the implications that this giant consumer group holds for our businesses and our industry. Many of you may remember that I dedicated last year's special report to Gen Z, and I also have spoken    more
With Technological innovation and Artificial Intelligence being witnessed in the Industry, what do you think will be the future in terms of latest technologies introduced in the gem and jewellery sector?
The future for the gems and jewellery sector is pretty bright. Primarily, the ability to customise and   more
A Jewellery Design School Par Excellence
The New Jeweller UAE bureau spoke to Tarun Jain, Head of Dubai Design Academy an initiative of DMCC on the launch of the coveted institution and its importance for the young students wanting to pursue a career in jewellery designing. In this exclusive Mr Jain also shares his opinion on the current Job market situation pertaining to    more
The Sherlock Holmes - as the name suggest the best detector available in the market for the detection of lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds. It is the most compact / reliable and accurate machine. It is developed and manufactured by Zvi Yehuda Ltd, company from Israel.
The Sherlock Holmes can measure diamonds from the very very small size to any size of solitaire. It can measure diamonds from colour D to K. It can   more
De Beers GROUP Industry Services:
Building confidence within the Diamond Industry
The business started when De Beers Group decided it was important they made more effort to support the detection of synthetics in the industry. The company had used a third party to distribute the DiamondSure™ and DiamondView™ machines, but were becoming increasingly frustrated by customer complaints with regards to servicing and support, so the company decided to take back control    more
A Pioneer in Jewelry Casting
Castaldo® has been a major part of jewelry casting since the industry's beginnings in the late 1940's. Dr. Ferdinand E. Knight applied the scientific training he had acquired as a medical student in Vienna, Austria before World War II to the new field when he arrived in the United States as an immigrant in 1938. His father, Dr. Leon Knecht,   more
Goldstar Powders Pvt Ltd
Goldstar Powders was started in India in the year 2001 with a core objective of manufacturing Jewellery Consumables such as Jewllery Investment Powders & Injection Waxes to cater the South Asian market such as India , Srilanka & Bangladesh.Goldstar Powders ultra modern manufacturing facilty is located near Chennai, Tamilnadu. Goldstar Powders, India was owned by Goodwin PLC,UK    more
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.
Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited, also designated as SLTL GROUP. It is a global technological conglomerate headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The Group was founded by visionary technocrat Dr. Arvind Patel with a vision to transform industries with technology and innovation. Today, the Group operates its subsidiaries in five industries: Industrial Laser, Diamond & Jewellery, Medical   more
Sculptoris Innovation
Transforming JewelleryManufacturing for India
Sculptoris Innovation is a benchmarking name today in Jewellery Manufacturing Industry. The company aims at empowering Indians with a home-ground production of technology brilliance in the form of 3D Jewellery Printers. A decade of experience and expertise is witnessed in the smoothness    more
“New generation Gold Testing Machine”
FISCHER INDIA, Leading Supplier of EDXRF Machine for Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Testing
“With its GOLDSCOPE series, Fischer offers a tailored solution for the non-destructive testing of gold and precious metals. The hardware and software of these robust X-ray fluorescence instruments is adapted to the unique requirements of the jewellery and gold sector. Focusing on the most important   more
Magnic Technologies Pvt Ltd
Gold Jewellery Manufacturing involved a process called ‘Tumbling’, Which involves polishing of jewels using small magnetized pins in a washer machine. At the end of the process there may be tiny pins of 5mm length 0.5mm diameter sticking to the small pores in the jewels. These pins are hard to trace with a naked eye, Where a minimum 5% of defects may occur in manual testing. Magnic Technologies is    more
Diamond Research Gives Clues to the Formation of the Continents
Diamonds, long prized for their beauty and rarity, continue to reveal clues about the early history of our planet. To better understand how the most ancient continents came to be, researchers examined tiny mineral remnants trapped in diamonds during the formation of the earth. The results were published in Science   more
Uniform gemmological principles create common language for jewellery trade, CIBJO President tells symposium in Copenhagen
Transparency in business is enabled when all terminology and metrics are accepted and understood by all participants, CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has told a gemmological conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. When a common business language is in place, and its rules and terms are publicly available, then the   more
Diamond Services introduces new lab-grown diamond identification system, expands accurate detection to light-brown colour ranges
Diamond Services, the Hong Kong-headquartered developer of technological systems and services for detecting laboratory grown, imitation and treated diamonds, has announced that it is introducing into its laboratories a new device developed by its own research and development   more
GIA London Jewellery Career Fair Inspires Attendees to Join the Industry
The annual GIA London Jewellery Career Fair brought together nearly 200 gem and jewellery enthusiasts from across Europe on Friday, April 5 at the historic Goldsmiths' Hall in the City of London. Job seekers had the unique opportunity to network with international and local companies looking to fill more than 60 positions in all   more
Gemological Science International(GSI) announced today that Debbie Azar, Co-Founder and President, has become the newest member of the elite 24 Karat Club. Since 1902, The 24 Karat Club, located in Manhattan has fostered the interests of the jewelry industry. With a profound belief that values and integrity are found in creating lasting relationships, The 24 Karat Club aligns with GSI's own value proposition.   more
The gold has to melt itself in fire to remove impurities and then get casted in shape of desire and ultimately polished to achieve glitter –to make it a jewel... so should a man also to achieve outstanding success! This was the thought of Mr. Jaysukh Adesara – A young entrepreneur with immense energy & burning desire to deliver the best machinery to the jewellery manufacturing sector. When he started his first   more
Axis Tool Tech, was founded by shri Chimanbhai Chothani in year 1990, It was initially named Sri Laxmi Tools and was renamed in year 2015 to Axis tool Tech by Mr.Chimanbhai Chothani And Mr.Hardik Ramani. Axis Tool Tech offers CNC machinery, higher precision diamond tools, as well as related products. The company has sufficient experience is production, marketing and a Knowledgeable Research & Development  more
N Jewellery Techniques Pvt. Ltd.
We take up consultancy work for complete factory set ups and Wrepresent some of the finest machinery manufacturers worldwide for jewellery manufacturing. Late Mr. Wadia was the pioneering force behind introducing revolutionary machines for mass production of jewellery in India, when goldsmiths were still making jewellery one piece at a time using blow pipes and gas for linking jewellery which had very harmful issues around the entire factory. It was this expertise and reputation which caught the attention of   more
QUANTUM is well-known organization consists group of professionals, each having several years of experience in the field of analytical, scientific and process instrumentation Quantum Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Mr. DM Musale and Mrs. Vaishali Dake-Musale along with their team in the beginning of 1994 for sales and   more
DM IMPEX is one of the most reputed companies in India distributing a range of machines incorporating cutting edge technology for modern jewellery manufacturing. The state of thearte quipmentis manufactured by Bodor - Switzerland-China , HISPANA-Spain and credible manufacturers from Italy. DM IMPEX is a Crisilverified, ISO 9001:2015 certified   more
Western Enterprises, Global Services
Western Enterprises was established in January 1999, working from the residence and promoting a few international companies at that point of time. Within a short period we established our own office in Mumbai and gradually increased representation. Today after a span of 16 years we exclusively represent over two dozen companies of international   more
Fischer Measurement Technologies
Helmut Fischer GmbH – Measuring Made Easy Helmut Fischer GmbH is a global market leader in high-precision measurement technology. For the past 65 years, the company has developed and produced instruments for coating thickness measurement, material analysis and material testing. Fischer's promise of "Measuring Made Easy "expresses its commitment to customer friendliness. Robust devices, intuitive user   more
Zvi Yehuda A Pioneer & Groundbreaker
The Success Story Unfolds
Zvi Yehuda Introduce his first pioneering innovation in the diamond industry in 1952, when he was just 16. His last innovation is yet to be seen. At 75, his mind continues to run in turbo mode, always seeking the next development. However, there is no doubt that the most astounding invention   more
Imaginarium is India's largest 3D printing and advanced manufacturing company and a pioneer of 3D printing technology in the subcontinent. With it's fleet of over 22 state of art 3D printers and a workforce of 220 skilled employees, Imaginarium caters to a diverse range of industries that includes Jewellery,   more
"Innovative Measurement Technologies"
"With its GOLDSCOPE series, Fischer offers a tailored solution for the non-destructive testing of gold and precious metals. The hardware and software of these robust X-ray fluorescence instruments is adapted to the unique requirements of the jewellery and gold sector. Focusing on the most important functions has made it   more
Ankitst Jewel Tools Pvt Ltd.
ANKITST is a collaboration of Ankit Enterprises & Radhika Electricals. This collaboration took place in 2003. It has been over a decade serving the jewellery industry. More than 25 years of personal experience of service to jewellery industry by our Managing Director Mr. Pradip Varsaale and Mr. Ketan Jatakia. Today we exclusively represent International repute brands   more
Goldstar Powders Pvt Ltd
Leap Forward With Larger G3D RP Machines
G3D India, a machinery division of Goldstar Powders Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Investment Powders & Jewellery waxes is making huge waves in the realm of 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines. The company founded in 2001 is wholly owned by UK Public   more
BVC Ventures
Redefining Time management through Tech
BVC Logistics:
BVC Logistics is a market leader in providing integrated solutions within express logistics, contract logistics, project logistics, ocean and air cargo. Over the past five decades, BVC has pioneered critical offerings in niche sectors. At BVC, benchmarked quality standards, standardised processes and operational excellence   more
Aditi Laser group
Offering state of the art products with cutting edge technology
Aditi Laser Integrator was formed in the year 2010 to manufacture and distribute indigenous manufactured as well as International state of the art products to the jewellery manufacturing sector in India. The motive of the founder   more
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. (SLTL) is one of the largest manufacturer of equipment in the world for the Diamond Sector. Since year 1989, the company has grown leaps and bounds with offices in USA, Germany, UK and China and exporting to over 24 countries such as   more
Spinks World
Today laser is an innovative technology for jewellery & hallmarking industry. Lasers are the preferred means of marking on Gold, Silver, Platinum, Stones, Ceramics etc because of highly indelible marking with a clean and low maintenance requirement. This opens up a broad spectrum of new applications for jewellery designers & goldsmiths.   more
Aditi Laser Group
Aditi laser group is well known in the Mumbai market and in many other regions in India for the services it offers to numerous customers in the field of laser marking /engraving / cutting and supply of the machines. Aditi laser group, Mumbai is working closely with the Jewellery industry for applications of marking and cutting.   more
Do-it Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Do-it Impex Private Ltd, an Indian company aims to provide cutting edge technology and superior products to Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry. The company has business interests in the field of import - export, manufacturing and trading of machinery, plating chemicals and consumables for the gems and jewellery industry.   more
Shree Rapid Technologies
Established in the year 2007, Shree Rapid Technologies is a pioneering company in the field of 3D Printing Technologies in India. Led by visionary technocrats Nitin Chaudhari and Shashidhar Kumar, with over 20 years experience each, Shree Rapid Technologies today is one of the most trusted partner for a   more
KAUSTUBHH TECHNOCRAFT is a trusted name in Global jewellery market and reknown for its world class & reliable quality technology for Automatic Jewellery Chain Making Machineries. We are committed to deliver innovative and excellent quality products to our customers. Our aim is to present world class technology to global   more
Established by Pramesh Choksi, Kaizer has been servicing the Indian Jewllery sector with state of the art Technology products that has been instrumental in transforming the very manufacturing process in the country. The company's mission has always been to empower the industry and inspire   more
Goldsmith Academy
The founder MD, Mr S. Thirupati Rajan, is a sixth generation Vishwakarma. The motive behind this Academy is to train the traditional Goldsmiths, update them on the latest technology and upgrade their skills to compete in the flourishing market. Goldsmith Academy offers Technical expertise  more
QUANTUM introduced KARATMETER in Indian market from 1998 and installed several hundreds of units since then including all over India and nearby Asian as well as Gulf countries. The company always strives for best possible quality product with latest technology and make it available at affordable price. The new series Karatmeter JL   more
Fauna Technologies
Incorporated in India, Fauna Technologies Private Limited is a professionally managed enterprise committed to improvise business functions through innovative business and technology solutions. Our experience and expertise helps understand your business needs and provide radical solutions   more
Sapna Metals
Incorporated in the year 1997, Sapna Metals is one of the renowned business organizations indulged in providing customers a quality rich collection of Metal Alloys, Fitting and Finds of Jewellery Products. All the alloy and gold finding manufacture under the constant quality check. We tend to provide   more
Technovision Engineering & Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Technovision Engineering & Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. incorporates more than a decade of industrial experience in the market, by offering a wide array of CAD, CAM, CAE softwares and 3d printing solutions. These flexible solutions cater to a variety of industries from jewellery,   more
SRS Jewelkon India Pvt. Ltd.
Empowered by State of-Art infrastructure and an dexterous team, We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Traders of an unmatched range that include all the raw materials used for jewellery manufacturing. Backed by 8 years of industry experience, we "SRS Jewelkon India Pvt. Ltd." are one of   more
Gold Side Production
Gold side production is an India based leading manufacturer and exporter of jewellery making machinery & equipments since 1992. The brand name of the company is "LION GOLD SMITH". The founder Mr. Dineshbhai Rabadiya has continuously strived to achieve excellence in qualitative production. Gold Side is in to manufacturing   more
DM IMPEX is one of the most reputed companies in India distributing a range of machines incorporating cutting edge technology for modern jewellery manufacturing. The state of the art equipment is manufactured by Bodor - Switzerland - China, HISPANA   more
HK Malvi Industries
Established in the year 1983, HK Malvi Industries is a leader in the market of manufacturing and supplying wide assortment of machines. Our extended array of products comprises of Jewellery Making Machine & Induction Furnace, Gold Coin Bar Making   more
Our firm Nikhil Diamond Wire Drawing Dies is engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting a wide range of Natural Diamond Dies, PCD Dies, T.C Dies, Ultrasonic Machines, Synthetic Diamond Powders, PCD blanks, Wire Drawing Machines and Gold smith Tools. Under this range, we offer Synthetic Diamond Grid   more
APX INTL. was in corporated as proprietorship concern founded in may 2013 by Mrs Apexa jain, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Dipak Jain (having 21 yrs of rich experience in jewellery industry) & Mrs. Apexa Jain. The company has been consolidating its position in Indian   more
Gurukrupa Laser Systems
Incorporated in the year 2006, Gurukrupa Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Diamond Bruiting Machine, GL4 Fiber Marking Machine, CNC Router, Diamond Sawing Machine, Laser Hallmarking Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Mini Fiber Laser   more
Jewellery is a very fascinating term. It has a lot of sparkle in it. It is a fashion statement for ladies and a matter of fortune for gentlemen. Do you know a lot of labor, creativity and hard work go in making these beautiful   more
Amrit Group
The Amrit Group established in 1984, is one of the most prestigious and dynamic company of recent times in manufacturing, importing and exporting of Diamond studded Gold and Platinum Jewellery, processing and polishing of Diamonds from 0.50CTS and above, and one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of gold and silver refining plants namely   more
Sri Abbirami Machine Works Private Limited
Sri Abbirami Machine Works Private Limited is one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of a large variety of High Performing Machines that have found various applications in diverse fields including Jewelry Manufacturing   more
"Innovative Measurement Technologies" FISCHER INDIA, Leading supplier of EDXRF machine for Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Testing
Fischer Measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001 certified company and 100% subsidiary of Helmut Fischer Holding, Switzerland. Founded in 1953, Helmut-Fischer is an innovative leader in supplying   more
KAIZER 3D Printer
Kaizer 3D Printer is a technology company in the field of generative rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing systems Kaizer 3D printer Manufactur in INDIA. We bring a new and generative technology to the market that is setting a new benchmark in speed and accuracy. All in all we stand for   more
APX International Achieving Expertise with Globally acclaimed products & Services
Apx Intl catering indian jewellery industry since its inception and focused on core sectors of the industry. A complete professional approach coupled with hard work & entrepreneurship qualities has enabled the   more
Imaginarium has surpassed another year of 3D Printing goodness and we would like to extend our best to our associates for their support. Having been around for a long time now, we have had the opportunity to work with a vast array of   more
STR Jewellery Machinery and Tools
STR Jewellery Machinery and Tools was founded by Late S. Thiyagarajan 50 years ago and has been providing quality products and services to the gem and jewellery sector. Ably led by S. T. Rajendran, Chairman & Managing Director, today STR has widened its business by supplying precision technology products in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia,  more
HK Industries - Precision Delivered with Engineering Excellence
Established in the year 1983, HK Malvi Industries is a leader in the market of manufacturing and supplying wide assortment of machines. Our extended array of products comprises of Jewellery Making Machine & Induction Furnace, Gold Coin Bar Making Machine and Goldsmith   more
Packaging the “Silent Salesman”
In the modern era the term packaging turns from protecting products for distribution to a means of bradding. The primary purpose of packaging is protecting product and preparing for transporting, warehousing, sale and end use. In the modern era the quality packaging considers as a cultured way of presenting   more
Myntra India forays into Fine Jewellery
The ubiquitous name in online fashion - Myntra, today introduced fine jewellery on its platform with the launch of Mia by Tanishq, India’s first workwear jewellery brand. This event marks the next phase of Myntra’s rapid growth, as the company expands into lifestyle   more
Standardize your Hallmarking Centre with Right Equipment Karameter - Precious Alloy Analyzer
Quntum is well known organization housing group of professionals, each having several years of experience in the field of analytical, scientific and process instrumentation. The company is founded by Mr. DM Musale and Mrs.   more
GSI Lab to offer Sarine Profile with Diamond Grading Reports
GSI - Gemological Science International, one of the world's largest gem labs, is pleased to announce that it has decided to incorporate into its polished diamond grading and education services the full Sarine ProfileTM, including deriving the stone's light performance grade based on   more
Investments in Research & Development surges for Technology & Machine Tool sector
The global gems and jewellery industry has been growing at an astronomical pace in recent years, thanks to the importance given to key sectors  more
WTOCD (Antwerp Scientific Research Centre for Diamonds) has developed an automatic melee screening device in collaboration with HRD Antwerp.  more
ARIHANT Enterprises Achieving high service levels through manufacture & distribution of quality machine tools
Arihant Enterprises was established in the year 2002, we are marching ahead in the market as a manufacturer of jewelry buff and brushes and Distributor of all kinds of jewelry consumable items and RTV Liquid Rubber etc.  more
Aditi Laser Integrator
Bhavin Kamdar is science graduate with physics as the main subject. He worked on the laser technology for diamond cutting machine from the year 1989 with the biggest group in the diamond industry – Rosyblue. After working with the Rosyblue group for almost 7 years, started assembling laser machines for diamond cutting from the year 1997.  more
OGI Systems launches Diamond Digital Passport
Digital Passport is an exclusive and thorough online diamond service consisting of compiled data through OGI products. Digital Passport contains unique components such as diamond's cut grade, diamond Imaging, light performance, and heart & arrows.  more
DiaCam360, a small, portable, effective and affordable scanning device that creates high quality photos and 360-degree, interactive videos of polished diamonds, will debut in the USA at the upcoming JCK Show in Las Vegas, May 29 to June 1, 2015.  more
With a passion for precision, we proud to be the industry leader on diamond tools for jewellery. We love to invest on development, we love to make our clients happy. We love them to feel a part of our family. We keep learning, developing, expanding and rounding   more
IRYS RFID- Think Beyond Stock Audit
At Irys, we have designed some state – of – the – art devices and algorithms which help relate to the above scenario with utmost ease. The ‘Smart Tray’, which is used to display the merchandise to potential buyers, is actually capturing each and every ‘view’ and feeding it to your server.  more
Shreeji Cad Techno Pvt. Ltd.
Shreeji Cad Techno Pvt. Ltd., a company working with a prospect to serve Gems and Jewelry Industry with the ultimate solution to Jewelry Manufacturing using the latest technology. A company functioning under the three founders Mr. Chandresh Soni, Mr. Vishal Dobaria and Mr. Vijay Jadav aims at providing the customers the best 3D printing technology.  more
HRD Antwerp’s D- Screen: The Most Compact Diamond Screening Device In The World
The D- Screen is a practical research device developed by HRD Antwerp. It distinguishes stones that are not lab grown and have not been HPHT colour enhanced from stones that are potentially lab grown or may have been colour improved by means of HPHT.  more
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