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GIT to strengthen the position of Thai gem and
jewellery industry in the global arena

Mr.Sumed Prasongpongchai,
Deputy Director of GIT
The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) continues to empower entrepreneurs, raise the standards and boost confidence in the Thai gem and jewellery industry and believes that the businesses will revive more quickly once the COVID-19 vaccine becomes effective.

Sumed Prasongpongchai, Deputy Director of GIT spoke about the policies and implementation plans of GIT to support and develop Thai gems and jewellery industry to achieve sustainable growth and create acceptance standards in the global arena.

Promote GIT Standard and create a standard for gem and precious metals laboratory

Deputy Director of GIT said that the institute has accelerated in creating standards for laboratory to enhance the service of gem and precious metals verification and certification to meet international standards and has plans to create professional standards for gem and precious metals academics.

In addition, GIT has cooperated with agencies in foreign countries, including China to push for standardisation and mutual recognition of the gems and precious metal product certificates, which will also support international trade and exports of Thai entrepreneurs.

Enhance consumer confidence through Buy With Confidence Programme

Realising confidence is the key to purchasing gems and jewellery products, GIT has initiated the Buy With Confidence Programme to build confidence among both Thai and foreign consumers and tourists, where quality is guaranteed with certificates from GIT and buyers can look for the Buy With Confidence logo at the stores when purchasing gems and jewellery pieces.

Accelerate the development of training courses for businesses in the digital age

As for personnel development, he said GIT has adapted the content of the training courses to meet the needs of the industry in the digital age, especially online courses. In addition, the institute has also set up learning centers that focus on gems and jewellery, including a library and a museum to be one of the best sources in Asia for research and design of gems and jewellery.

From research to business, creating local jewellery with unique identity and penetrating international markets and online channels

GIT also promotes the researches that can be turned into successful businesses. GIT has collaborated with educational institutions to conduct and develop jewellery under the concept of Beyond Jewelry or jewellery that is not only beautiful but also functional, such as jewelry for health, which has combined innovative air purifiers with jewelry design to help purify the air for the wearer.

Furthermore, the institute is also continuously conducting new entrepreneurial development projects in the region. In 2020, GIT has initiated the Esan Dern project by bringing experts to educate and work with artisans and entrepreneurs in 5 provinces in the northeastern region to develop jewellery pieces that are both contemporary and maintain the local identity and able to penetrate overseas market.

“In 2021, GIT will focus more on the potential of overseas markets and online sales with plans to develop silver entrepreneurs in the northern region as Thailand is world’s top silver exporter,” he said.

He also commented on the trend of the gem and jewelry market in the post COVID-19 era that the sales of gems and jewellery products will get back to normal once the vaccine becomes effective.

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