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Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce Celebrates 40 Years of Bangkok Gems, Expects to Generate 3 Billion Baht in Revenue During 5-day fair

Mr. Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, presided over the opening of the 68th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair at the Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. This gems and jewelry trade fair, taking place between 6-10 September 2023, is jointly organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in collaboration with The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) and boasts support from over 15 public and private trade agencies.

“The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is an international trade fair, serving as a testament to Thailand's strength in the global gems and world-class jewelry trade industry. The remarkable success it has achieved over the past 40 years firmly establishes Thailand’s prominence in this field. This year, as always, the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair has garnered exceptional enthusiasm from both exhibitors and visitors, boasting participation from over 1,100 companies in 2,400 booths across Halls 1-8 at QSNCC. making the highest number since 2018. The fair is expected to welcome more than 30,000 buyers, importers, and visitors from around the world, and it is poised to generate trade value of more than 3 billion baht.” said DITP Director-General.

The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair stands as Thailand’s largest gems and jewelry trade fair and one of Asia’s most celebrated events of its kind. Notably, it ranks among the world’s top five major trade fairs in the industry. Over 4 decades, Bangkok Gems Fair has played a pivotal role in bolstering Thailand's gems and jewelry exports, a vital industry that significantly contributes to the nation’s economy. Thailand's strengths as a key regional hub for gems and jewelry trading, along with its expertise in enhancing the quality of colored gemstones and internationally recognized craftsmanship, have been key factors contributing to the industry’s success. In 2022, gems and jewelry represented the country’s 9th largest export, generating over 8 billion US dollars in revenue. This year, it is projected to further expand by 10%.

“Within the event, visitors can explore a diverse range of exhibitions featuring products from both Thai and international exhibitors, along with several other interesting highlights. These attractions include a Networking Reception, strategically designed to foster valuable trade partnerships among exhibitors, buyers, and industry professionals. One of the key exhibitions titled "The Magnificent 40-Year Journey of Brilliance" showcases the grandeur of Thailand's gems and jewelry industry over the past 40 years. Another noteworthy exhibition "The Jewellers", and the New Faces zone provide a platform for new and emerging entrepreneurs to present their innovative and inspiring creations. Additionally, visitors can participate in a series of various seminars and workshops covering technical and marketing aspects,” said GIT Director.

The 68th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is not just a standalone event but an integral part of a broader spectrum of activities hosted by global trade organizations. These concurrent activities include the World Gold Forum, which brings together professionals from the global gold industry, the gathering of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) in Thailand, the meeting of Asia-Pacific Gemstone and Technology Standardization Alliance (AGA), and the initiative of ASEAN Gems and Jewelry Association (AGJA). Together, these activities elevate the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair from being merely a trading platform to a dynamic space for forging international partnerships and serving as a comprehensive knowledge hub across various fields. This multifaceted approach solidifies its position as a truly global hub for the trade and production of gems and jewelry.

The success of this event is the result of the collaboration of more than 15 partner organizations, including the Thai Gem Traders Association. The success of this event is the result of the collaboration of more than 15 partner organizations. Thai Gem And Jewelry Traders Association, Gold Traders Association, Thai Goldsmith Association, Chanthaburi Gem And Jewelry Traders Association, Thai Silver Exporters Association, Thai Jeweller Association, Chanthaburi Gem And Jewelry Traders Association, Thai Gem And Jewelry Manufacturers Association, Thai Niello & Silver Wares Association Under Royal Patronage, Organization Indian-Thai Diamond And Colorstone Association, and Organization Gold Business Association.

The 68th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair will be held from September 6 to 10, 2023, at Halls 1-8 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok. For more information, please visit our official website at or find us on Facebook at

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