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The I.DAVID® REVOLUTION Sieves are slowly building itself a name in the Diamond and Jewellery market, especially in Switzerland and India where care is taken for accuracy and efficiency for the Watch and Jewellery industry. The feedback from the world famous companies is exactly as we advertise them to be, accurate, fast, easy and elegant.

Be amazed by the latest technology and trust the name behind the product.

Founded by Mr. Izocher David in 1961, I.DAVID® is proud to have been serving the Diamond and Jewelry sector for all these years with utmost care in quality, price and of course good service.

Located in the heart of the Diamond industry in Antwerp, Belgium- I.DAVID® is supplying most of the Antwerp offices with all their needs to be able to run the office in the most efficient way.

With customers all over the world, I.DAVID® can pride itself with having clients in the most remote places on earth like in the African jungle, the Brazilian Amazon and many other places like Hawaii, Mauritius and from the Canadian North-West Territories to the Australian continent etc. Basically any place where Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry can be found.

Managed by the son of Mr. I. David, Mr. Marcel David and his son Mr. Boeki David as Sales Manager, I.DAVID® will continue to serve the industry with the latest and newest technologies in the market.

One of the main factors is that you can get all your high quality tools from I.DAVID® and shipped to your location by Air, Land or by Sea. One stop shop for all your needs.

Feel free to check out the regularly updated website at and for Jewelry at and featuring new products on

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