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Leap Forward with Larger G3D RP Machines

Gold star Powders Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Investment Powder is making huge waves in the realm of 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines. The company founded in 2001 is wholly owned by UK Public company G o o d w i n P L C a n d benefits from extensive R&D investment and decades of lost wax casting experience from UK headquarters, where G3D RP Machines and Resin are developed. An exciting development from this investment means that Goldstar’s customers have experienced huge benefit, receiving an uncompromising complete solution in jewellery manufacture:

• The complete RP solution, designed specifically for Jewellery Manufacturers

• 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines with Industry Leading Resolution and Speed

• Ground-breaking Direct Castable G3D RP Wax Resin with Zero Ash content

• Goldstar Resincast Investment Powder, chemically matched, for perfect casting results with G3D Wax Resin

• A high quality range of complementary machines for the entire casting and polishing process.

• Existing G3D customers are marvelled at the latest RP Wax Resin which has proven to be extremely easy to burn-out, even when mixed alongside wax pieces with standard burn-out, on large or small trees, and consistent results with all types of precious metal, including high temperature Platinum and Palladium.

• The combined solution excels at items with printed engravings, micro pave, filigree and solid parts, truly a unique offering, ticking all the boxes for India’s Jewellery Manufacturers.

• Following the resounding success from launching the G3D-RP100 model at IIJS in 2015, Goldstar are excited to offer two larger RP machines designed specifically for high production jewellery factories, producing up to 300 ring patterns in less than 3 hours. The G3D offering from Goldstar is unbeatable on specification and price, combined with the lowest consumable cost on the market.

• Join the real revolution in India’s Jewellery Industry,

• Talk to Goldstar about G3D.

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