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GSI showcases its expertise in testing enormous
gemstones and artistic carvings

Gemological Science International, a leading global gemological laboratory, recently received a colossal carving of Lord Ganesha measuring an astounding 62 x 34 x 30 cm and weighing a remarkable 68.200 kilograms.

The sheer size of the carving posed challenges for gemological testing, necessitating innovative approaches for using instruments during testing. Despite the weight and size limitations, GSI's team of expert gemologists conducted various tests on the large carving using basic and advanced spectroscopy instruments.

The intricacies of the carving, featuring a distinctive brownish-red color and numerous spots of blue, hinted at the presence of Ruby and Kyanite.

Carving’s opaque nature limiting passage of light only through a fiber-optic light source, revealed twin planes, granular texture and minor dot-like inclusions confirming the natural and unheated nature of the specimen, with no signs of treatment. Portable spectroscope confirmed the presence of chromium and iron absorption in the brownish-red section. Portable Raman confirmed the presence of both Ruby and Kyanite.

Despite its appearance as a single piece, meticulous inspection uncovered that the carving comprised of several assembled pieces.

"We, at GSI, take pride in our ability to display our expertise when presented with monumental challenges. The recent certification of the Lord Ganesha carving showcases not only our commitment to precision but also the experience required to navigate the complexities of gemological testing on such a grand scale. As the colored stone industry flourishes in Jaipur, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and providing our clients with unparalleled services backed by state-of-the-art equipment." says Ramit Kapur, Managing Director, GSI India.

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