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An Uncompromising & Priceless Beauty

Mr Anup Zaveri in this exclusive spoke to The New Jeweller bureau about his expansion into Lab grown diamond sector and gave his opinion on why the lab grown diamond sector is destined to become a huge Industry. Excerpts:

Real Illusion is a well-diversified Lab grown diamond company from the house of Polar Star. What are the key factors that have led to this diversification from natural Diamond business to Lab grown?

We asked ourselves whether a diamond that caused injury to the environment or suffering to an individual or community can truly bring joy to its wearer? We realised that it is difficult to enjoy jewellery completely when it has a dark history. We then asked ourselves whether there is a way to give you diamonds that bring untainted joy. Science had the answer: ‘Diamonds produced due to chemical vapour deposition (CVD)”. We realised that this was the future of diamond manufacturing.

We are a CVD diamond manufacturer that puts sustainability front and in the centre. We believe that if a diamond is created through a process that respects nature and humanity, it is truly priceless: just how a diamond should be. The chemical vapour deposition process of creating diamonds allows us to fashion diamond jewellery that is simultaneously real, ethical, and affordable. This combination of authenticity and empathy is what makes every Real Illusion diamond a “Joyful and No Guilt” purchase. We aim to be a CVD diamond manufacturer that puts heart into the art of diamond manufacturing. “Welcome to the diamonds of tomorrow.”

When nature creates diamonds, it puts its best foot forward. The result is enchanting rocks of pure beauty. However, the process of bringing these diamonds to you is often one that damages the environment and negatively impacts wildlife and human life. This is not the case with man-made diamonds, i.e., it is not the case with the diamonds crafted in our lab. The lab-based process of forming diamonds offers the same results as the natural process: you get real diamonds. You don’t compromise on authenticity, but you save on huge expenditure. At the same time, these are diamonds that come without a painful backstory. They are guilt-free and therefore more priceless. Man-made diamonds are a chance for us to revel in the joy and splendour of diamonds without worrying that our happiness has come at the expense of nature or of an innocent life. They are diamonds of tomorrow. We are offering them to you today in the hope of encouraging you to make sustainability a reality. Say yes to better diamonds. Say yes to a *Real Illusion. *

Today lab grown diamonds are competing with Natural Diamonds majorly on pricing. Is this true? If yes, what is your opinion to compliment both the sectors simultaneously so that each sector sees growth?

Natural Diamond & Lab Grown Diamond, are not competing with each other, they have their own space in the diamond industry. One who wants to buy natural diamond will buy natural diamond and at the same time huge growth is happening in Lab Grown Diamond sector. Basically, the United States of America has accepted it very well and I believe both the businesses are doing well in their own niche markets and there is no competition happening absolutely & our goal is to reach every woman on this earth and she should wear Diamond and it should be affordable to her.

Real Illusion has indeed made a mark in the Lab grown Diamond supply chain. Please share with us your experience in the growth path and request you to give our readers some of your client experiences.

“Real Illusion” was formed in 2019 and we installed our machines in Jaipur in January 2020 but, in the month March 2020 the world went under lockdown because of the Pandemic. The real story and operations began in the month of June 2020, from then on from 20 machines today we have progressed up to 80 reactors in our factory, which is giving a substantial production. Our R&D team comprising of PhD levels are doing very well and improving the production and capacity on a daily basis. The product has improved a lot and we can deliver the best possible product today, which is the oath that we have taken for expansion.

As far as the client experience is concerned, most of the millennials would want to buy Lab grown Diamond today & they are very happy to see the pricing as it is pocket friendly, and they don’t have to spare their holidays to own a Diamond today.

Which of the International markets do you see as a robust future for Lab grown diamond jewellery? Tell us about your existing reach and what would be your team strategy to penetrate and grow in the region of choice?

Today the robust future in the Lab Grown Diamond is of course United States and I see very clearly that within couple of years India would lead the Lab Grown market and be the 2nd largest after United States. That would really be great for our business too in India for expansion as affordability is the key. When more number of people can afford Lab grown diamond jewellery, the customers are destined to increase with time.

As the custodians of customs in Bharat Diamond Bourse, please tell us about the steps taken?

As far as Bharat Diamond Bourse is concerned, we are the custodians of the customs here & more than 90% of the Diamond export in India happens from here. I believe that we have given the best platform & best of facilities to the customs to take care of the industry very well and do the needful.

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