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The 7th Guangzhou International Jewelry and Diamond Conference returned with highly attention

On February 23, 2023, guided by the The People’s Government of Panyu District, Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, China Gold Association, Guangdong Trading Holding Group, and supported by The World Federation of Diamond Bourses, Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Natural Diamond Council, the highly anticipated "Guangzhou International Jewelry and Diamond Conference ", which was jointly held by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange and Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange (referred to as GZDE and GDGJE), returned with highly attention!

Guests from People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, The People’s Government of Panyu District, Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, Natural Diamond Council, Guangdong Trading Holding Group, and other companies and organizations attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

GZDE held a signing ceremony for the following projects: Informatization of Construction Project: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd, Guangzhou (Branch), Panyu (Sub-branch)、Strategic Cooperation Project: China Construction Bank Corporation, Guangzhou(branch), Panyu (Sub-branch)、Strategic Cooperation Project: International Gemological Institute、Special Supplier: Famous Diamond Jewellery Limited、 Public Bonded Warehouse Service: Guangzhou Ai Ying Jewellery Co., Ltd. The signing ceremony aimed to gather resources from mutiple channels, support the development of the jewelry and diamond industry, and help to upgrade the supply chain of the jewelry and diamond industry.

GDGJE held a settlement ceremony for companies and organizations with intention to join in National Jewellery Industry Innovation Research and Development Center, and more than thirty of them participated in the ceremony, attracting huge attention. The project is invested and constructed by GDGJE, aiming to take the fully advantages of jewelry manufacturing industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, build an advanced manufacturing complex for jewelry industry to lead the high-quality development of jewelry industry. With a total investment of 230 million yuan, the project will be completed and put into operation in early 2024.

At the main forum, GDGJE also held the joint launching ceremony of International Jewellery Area of China Import and Export Fair、Gems, Jewellery and Art Expo & Aross-border Comprehensive Service Platform for ASEAN、Hainan International Bonded Jewellery Show and the launching ceremony of Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Designers and Craftsmen Association, aimed to empower the high-quality development of jewelry industry through multiple modes such as exhibition, conference, custom service and talent incubation.

In order to further build an exchange platform for the lab-grown diamond industry and to lead the high quality development of the domestic lab-grown diamond industry into a new track, GZDE officially launched the 2nd China International lab-grown Diamond Industry Development and Innovation Conference 2023 to stimulate stable, growing and long-term demand for China's lab-grown diamond industry.

In the main forum, authoritative guests from home and abroad shared their views on the global diamond industry of 2022, global gemstone industry, China's gems and jewelry market overview, the sustainable development of natural diamonds, high-quality development of China's jewelry industry . The sharing provided the most cutting-edge information on how to link the industry chain and supply chain of the jewelry and diamond industry to domestic demand, to further stabilize the chain, complement the chain, strengthen the chain, extend the chain, and achieve sustainable and high-quality development.

In the afternoon‘s Sub forum, guest representatives from industry authorities, famous brands and enterprises from all parts of the supply chain discussed hot cases and trends of industry market development and high-quality development of the industry chain supply chain around topics such as China jewelry brand trends, technological innovation, digital transformation, market insight, design leadership, cultural empowerment and industrial integration.

At the same time, GZDE and GDGJE held the 2022 Honorable Partner Award Ceremony、The Award Ceremony of the 1st Laboratory-Grown Diamond Jewellery & Accessory Cross-Over Design Competition、 2023 Rabbit Year Zodiac Global Jewellery Digital Painting Design Competition and the Jewelry and Diamond Trade Fair, to further build the jewelry and diamond industry exchange platform and help to release the development vitality of the jewelry industry.

China is one of the world's most important jewelry market, how to link the supply chain of jewelry and diamond industry to the domestic market, release the supply advantage and further stabilize、strengthen the chain to build a modern industrial system and achieve sustainable as well as high-quality development has become the focus of industrial development.

2023 is a new starting and a new journey! The 7th Guangzhou International Jewellery and Diamond Conference deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges of jewelry and diamond industry chain and supply chain under the new round of high quality development boom. It also explored the direction of global industry development and international industrial economic cooperation, and provide an effective cross-over communication platform and guidance for the Chinese jewelry industry to further consolidate and expand its resource advantages in the domestic market, stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain, and achieve high-quality development.

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