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Bhavin Kamdar
Director-Aditi Laser
Bhavin Kamdar is science graduate with physics as the main subject. He worked on the laser technology for diamond cutting machine from the year 1989 with the biggest group in the diamond industry – Rosyblue. After working with the Rosyblue group for almost 7 years, started assembling laser machines for diamond cutting from the year 1997.

Hands on experience on the laser and good connection in the diamond industry helped in getting the distributorship of an Israel based company OGI Systems Ltd. Represented them in India for almost 13 years and helped them get good foot hold in the market.

During his first trip to Israel in 1997, he came across company’s which were into laser machines for metal marking and few nonmetals too. Such companies were selling machines to either the end user or to the service industry. This led to an idea of setting up job shop in Mumbai for the metal and nonmetal marking, and currently ADITI group is one of the better known place in service industry for laser marking / cutting /engraving / etching etc.

Aditi Laser Integrator was formed in 10/10/10. The idea behind entering into manufacturing of laser machines was due to the need of compact and portable lasers specially for high value goods (Gold and Diamond studded Jewelry) where security of goods was of utmost importance. With the constant effort from NLIGHT Company from USA, they were able to produce the first compact and portable laser from India especially for the Jewelry industry. Today Aditi laser integrator is known in the industry as the only company to provide such laser marking machines with high reliability and very good service and support all round.

The special laser developed with NLIGHT helps the user to get the very sharp / clear and minute but readable marking on a variety of jewelry. Above quality of laser beam gives very low weight loss of precious metals such as platinum / gold and silver.

Aditi Laser Integrator is also working with few of the big corporate groups in India and have supplied them the laser marking machines for their needs in Industry. Aditi Laser Integrator wants to grow in the international market too, as there is a huge potential for such kind of laser marking machines which is cheaper compared to European machines but efficient. Company is now exploring different avenues for expansion.

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