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APX INTL. was incorporated as a proprietorship concern May 2013 by Mrs. Apexa Jain, under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Dipak Jain who has over 30 yrs of rich experience in the jewellery industry.

APX INTL has been consolidating its position in the Indian Jewellery Industry since then with a complete professional approach coupled with hard work & entrepreneurship that has enabled the company to grow at a phenomenal rate since foundation. The prime focus of the company is on surface finishing for Jewellery applications & precision components, Vacuum pressure casting, Gold Refining Machine, Silver Refining Machine, gold bars & coins. APX INTL has been catering to the Indian jewellery industry since its inception and is focused on core sectors of the industry.

Over the years, APX INTL has successfully partnered with
Giustitech SRL
Graphite Hitech Italy

as Associates for Marketing, Selling and Training on their respective products and services. APX International brings expertise, knowledge and latest techniques to India and other parts of the world. APX International caters to complete jewellery factory set up as a turn key or production needs right from designing to finished products. The company’s vision is not only predicting the future; but knowing the future and making it worthwhile for every customer and all this is achievable due to the dedicated efforts, extensive research and understanding the needs of every customer. It is a preparation for the journey ahead, ahead of its time, and ahead of every competitor. APX thus offers a 360 degree paradigm to its clients in terms of production. The vision of the company is to set new benchmarks in providing quality products and help clients achieve the success that they desire. Every customer of APX International is its indivisible part, and every endeavour of APX International is to make this indivisible part the happiest one for them. Our Mission is to make an effort to accomplish objectives, and every mission of APX International is dedicated to its valued customers. The statement of perfection is incomplete without a soulful dedication towards work.

The Goal of APX INTL is to provide quality and environment-friendly products and services and to provide systems that reduce the consumption of natural resources in a way contributing to climate change and generate higher benefits for our customers and society, and help contribute for a better tomorrow. APX INTL invests in Research & Development to continuously help innovate and improvise on its existing products and services that in turn help create value based job opportunities and increase productivity and an edge towards competition. APX INTL also believes in giving an excellent work environment to all the staff members and work in line complying with all the laws, rules and regulations.

The Product Range of APX INTL is as follows:

• Surface finishing - Jewellery & Industrial applications
• Manufacturing - Jewellery and Accessories
• Manufacturing - Gold casted bars & minted coins
• Recovery & Refining - Gold and Silver
• E-Waste – Recovery & Recycling

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