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Debbie Azar Joins the Most Elite Jewelry Industry Professionals in NYC

Debbie Azar,
Co-Founder and President
Gemological Science International(GSI) announced today that Debbie Azar, Co-Founder and President, has become the newest member of the elite 24 Karat Club. Since 1902, The 24 Karat Club, located in Manhattan has fostered the interests of the jewelry industry. With a profound belief that values and integrity are found in creating lasting relationships, The 24 Karat Club aligns with GSI's own value proposition. As the latest member, Ms. Azar will broaden her connections among the exclusive group of industry women and men who help shape the global conversation in the jewelry industry.

"I am honored to become a member of the 24 Karat Club," said Debbie Azar, GSI Co-Founder and president. "As one of the world's largest gemological organizations, we play an important part in ensuring transparency and confidence in the global diamond industry, and US markets specifically. Having the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with likeminded industry professionals is invaluable."

With unwavering dedication to reliable, efficient and accessible gemstone identification, grading services, research and more, GSI has amassed a loyal global customer base. All GSI gemological processes and reports are backed by a commitment to the highest ethical standards and practices and utilizes leading edge technologies and automated process. GSI offers uncompromising accuracy, reliability and consistency to all its clients. GSI actively shares its knowledge with both trade and consumer audiences and in doing so, can leverage its industry relationships to promote learning, communication and education programs.

"Gem and jewelry that are verified by GIT can increase confidence for jewelers while assuringconsumers that they will receive high quality jewelry products. This will enhance the competitiveness of Thailand's gem and jewelry industry in the global market," Ms.Jiembutr added. Meanwhile, GIT has carried out the Buy With Confidence (BWC) program to boost confidence for consumers and tourists who buy gem and jewelry in Thailand. GIT has granted BWC symbol to participating shops and companies selling good quality jewelry products which received GIT certification.

"For buyers looking to purchase quality gem and jewelry products, they will be more at ease to discover the BWC sticker displaying in front of shops qualified for this program and purchase specific pieces of jewelry which has the BWC tag. Now, more than 100 shops across Thailand have participated in this program and more than 500 participating shops are expected by the end of this year," Ms. Jiembutr said.

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