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It is indeed heartening to communicate to you once again through this brand new JTM magazine and I take this opportunity to congratulate every one of our esteemed readers for overcoming the anxiety of the PANDEMIC and coming out a winner not to mention our deepest feeling for all those who have suffered or lost their lives. But life should move on with more vigor and vitality than ever and I do hope and pray Year 2021 will be a new beginning for you with flourishing business and growth. after a trying 2020.

Year 2021 and beyond: A New Normal?

Indeed year 2021 would witness a paradigm shift in every sphere of business, be it demand and supply of tech products and services or the manufacturing process, it is time to embrace New thinking, New challenges and New Innovations. Research & Development will take center stage as High end Technology integrated with Artificial Intelligence [AI] will call the shots superseding the ‘brick and mortar’ way of working.

In this first issue of JTM after the lockdown, we have showcased high end technology products that is destined to transform the very manufacturing processes not only in India but worldwide. Diamond detection equipments with 100% efficacy will become a blessing for the gem and jewellery sector. Artificial Intelligence based technology will make production intricate, minimize wastage and build the repute of every manufacturing company.

Sparkles Show, Surat:

India will have its first physical exhibition in the city of Surat after the lockdown stage. Sparkles show organized by the Surat Jewellery Manufacturers Association will attract close o 100 booths and large number of visitors mostly domestic. But to put up a show and give a kick start to the Gem and Jewellery business is indeed a dynamic move by the organizers. A promise of social distancing, wearing masks and regular sanitization too has been announced to keep the virus at bay. Our congratulations to the organizers and best wishes for making a valiant effort to kick start the gem and jewellery business in the country.


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