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JTM unleashes its maiden issue on the relationship enjoyed between Dealers and Distributors in India, the International Tech and Machinery manufacturers who are their respective PRINCIPALS. JTM has been a voice for the Tech sector in India and regularly carries out research and survey to understand the Industry better and its important role in making India the Global jewellery production hub. In its quest to become the world leader, the gem and jewellery sector has embraced technology to its advantage and made the Dealers and Distributors in India an important partner in business. In this issue we talk about the passionate relationship that is built by the dealers with their respective principals to bring in cutting edge technology from all over the world into the country, the support that the distributors are offering to the jewellery production business.

In all this, there are also a number of indigenous manufacturers of tech tools who compliment the evolution of the sector by innovating and launching state of the art tech and machinery that is 100% "Made In India". This segment also furthers the "Make in India" program launched by the government to increase domestic production and consumption and in turn increase employment opportunities in the sector.

JTM, part of the New Jeweller Group is also associating with Jewellery Manufacturers and Accessories Forum to initiate first of its kind knowledge series during the IIJS Machinery show in the Lalit this month. This will be a series of workshops and training seminars that the country will see during the year brought by the JMA forum and powered by JTM magazine. With two venues catering to the Tech and Machinery segment, IIJS is indeed growing and has become a "Not to be missed" event for India and the world.

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