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Yet another superlative Technology from OGI Systems

OGI Systems ltd. is thrilled to announce yet another technological milestone, by Daniel Benjano.

The new innovative technology, DiaTrue, was presented to the ASSURE testing program, where it was ranked highest for a novice operator, testing for synthetic diamonds above 2mm.

OGI Diatrue products are suitable for all kind of users. From wholesale to retail jewelers. Diatrue provides accurate scan analyses from small diamonds to the large mounted jewelry.

The software includes a database and many other helpful views.

Each view is in high resolution provides clear and crisp imaging. This allows the user easy detection and identification for diamond stimulants.

The Diatrue family of products can run on Android and Windows systems.

Some of the latest features include:

1. Additional accessories to allow scanning of loose stones, rings, bracelets, earring, and tennis bracelets
2. High resolution images, showing crisp and clear results
3. Very high accuracy
4. Improved zoom functionality for melee stones
5. Refer function to improve decision making
6. Database of diamonds for reference
7. CVD / HPHT auto-detection
8. Creates certificates and enables sharing for social networks and has ability to print
9. User-friendly software
10. To avoid doubt, each type such as natural diamonds, lab grown diamond, cubic zirconia and moissanite appear in clearly delineated easy to read colors
11. The Diatrue family has many scanners that are tailored for each consumer, from scanning small diamonds to large jewelry 21 - 30 cm.

In the past 30 years OGI systems has delivered the most advanced and innovative technologies to the diamond industry. And yet again, it’s been proven that Ogi is head and shoulders above its competitors

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