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In this exclusive with Mr. Urvang Savani Director of Massive Tech Lab, The JTM bureau gets to know from him an Industry perspective and a forecast for the future. Mr. Prakash Dholariya also speaks on the cutting edge technology that is marketed by the company inbuilt in the state of the art Diamond detection equipment. Excerpts:

Will Technology & Machinery undergo a paradigm shift in the “New Age”? How will it help increase demand especially with Artificial Intelligence [AI] becoming a norm?

Yes, Technology & Machinery is already experiencing a paradigm shift and still multiple new inventions are expected in the “New Age”, but what matters the most is evolution of technology or machinery as we all know it takes many years of research development and manufacture for a p a r t i c u l a r “ Te c h n o l o g y ” o r “Machinery” to evolve and be accepted by the Industry. In my opinion, in the era of artificial intelligence customers will enjoy speed of selection and decision making and hence it will surely support buying process and business lead generation with the help of AI integrated with social media and this is how AI can help to increase demand.

Indian gem and jewellery sector is showing promising growth especially post COVID slowdown. What is your opinion?

In my opinion, Indian gem and jewellery sector is showing better than expected growth, After COVID slowdown. Demand was hampered for a few months but as various economies are ahead with the vaccine program there is a strong hope of moving ahead and constructively build again on lost time. So I do see a promising growth for the sector not only in India but in other jewellery economies too.

Tell us something about your cutting edge technology products and how will it impact the new era of jewellery production?

Our Technology is mainly for Synthetic diamond detection to detect Lab grown from Natural Diamonds. Our technology development and updates are mostly in line with globally reputed laboratories and this in turn creates a high level of customer confidence in jewellery manufacturing or diamond buying process. Our instruments “G Certain” and “J Certain” straight away detect Lab grown diamonds from a mix of natural and lab grown.

As many large retail jewellery chain shops and companies have started sampling of Synthetic diamond jewellery, we can consider it as a new era in jewellery production and our technology can identify weather diamond is Grown by HPHT method or CVD method in order to estimate pricing of a synthetic diamonds, as pricing of CVD and HPHT diamonds are not in the same price range.

Basically our technology provides confidence to our customers while trading in diamonds.

What is your advice to jewellery trade members with respect to ‘Fake Machines” and Technology Infringement going on in the current situation?

In my opinion, “Fake Machines” and “technology infringement” is the worst thing that could happen in the Industry. It truly undermines the result of original technology which is research based and is created for 100% perfection and utility to provide maximum output to the trade members. My advice to Industry members and buyers is to stay away from Fake machines and not to compromise on the results that are given by original machines and manufacturers. Using original technology and machines indeed will go a long way in saving business and building the reputation of every company towards their respective customers.

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